WWE’s Kane Joins the Channel

We all know that the 20th century is a favourable century for the Americans. They gradually became the superpower in the world. But what was the real reason behind the invasion of Iraq by America? Any person well versed in history will be able to answer this question. When we look 500 years back, the power remained with Russia, China and perhaps India. America stood only after them. But America wanted to stay on the top in the 21st century as business and economy changed after the Quantum Code came on stage.

The think tanks in US started thinking about this. The key to this was retention of the reserve currency and the solution that they came up with, was to invade Iraq. It was a simple solution as Iraq was already weak and invading Iraq would send a message to others that America was dangerous to play with. And American dollar is safe. To make it short, the reason behind the invasion of Iraq was Power and Greed.

The Summary of Events

  • Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are the world’s largest oil exporters. America was the world’s largest importer.
  • America wanted to control the oil flow to maintain their dollar in the world’s Reserve currency.
  • In 1960, The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting companies was created by Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
  • This organization was created to control the production and pricing of oil.
  • In 1970, U.S put a deal with them to trade oil only in dollars.
  • During the years 1999 and 2000, Iran and Iraq thinks about the possibility of switching to the Euros for trading their oil.
  • But America is against this decision as they knew that it would cause the US dollars to fall.
  • In 2001, WTC was attacked. The US government (George W. Bush was the president of US at that time) found this as an excuse to invade Iraq which was their long-term plan.
  • After declaring Iran and Iraq as enemy states, the US military invades Iraq in 2003.

Public Opinion on the Iraq War

During the invasion, polls taken in the United states suggested that the majority of the people supported the government’s decision. But at a later point of time, the opinion totally shifted and people believed that the invasion was a mistake.

The opposition came from various sects of people

  • From National Security and Military Personnel
  • From soldiers
  • From Congressional Opposition
  • From Presidential Candidates
  • From Lawyers who were specialized in International Law

Ron Paul, one of the presidential candidates during the 2008 presidential campaign had openly criticized the Iraq war. According to him, the terrorist activity across the world has increased by 80 % in the year 2014 and it is a highest level so far. He even says that the deadliest organizations in the world like Boko Haram have emerged only because of such US interventions.

He notes that the government is at pains to divert the opinion of the public and has gone so far to propagate that only because of Edward Snowden (the NSA whistle blower), terrorists started using advanced encryption. But he says that the truth is that terrorists have been using encryptions well before Snowden’s disclosures.

Ron welcomes his friend, WWE wrestler Kane for a candid analysis of over-regulation by the FDA, why he thinks economics is “exciting” and if running for office is in his future.