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New Advanced Process to Pass Your Hair Follicle Drugs Test

Across the U.S. it’s standard practice in some industries to conduct hair follicle tests on employees or potential employees to ensure that they’re free from drug use prior to conducting their role. This might be because the role requires them to provide medical care to others, protect others from harm or to operate machinery.

In certain circumstances, employers can even legally enforce this as part of your job role on a regular basis.

When you’re asked to do a hair follicle drug test, several strands of hair will be cut from the scalp to maintain as much of the root as possible. This sample will then be removed for testing to identify the recent use of substances including Amphetamine (AMP), Ecstasy (MDMA), Methamphetamine (METH), Marijuana (THC) and Heroine (6-MAM). Other substances can also be picked up on these tests, but aren’t often the focus of the test, so there’s no guarantee that this will cause a problem.

Employers now use the follicle test as the most accurate form of drug testing, purely because the oils that come from the scalp will maintain traces of drugs for up to 90 days after use, much longer than blood, urine or saliva testing.

Because the test is so accurate, it can lead to people who haven’t taken drugs in a long time, still failing the test, just because the substances still show. Even if you haven’t taken drugs for 90 days, it’s still possible to fail a follicle test.

This becomes a problem if your chosen career is reliant on you being totally clean, as it may even mean you fail an interview process or could be set back a few years until you’re able to try again, especially in industries such as the armed forces.

If this sounds like you, there’s a new and improved solution launching in Queens, New York. Macujo is a company who have been developing the best shampoo products on the market to help people achieve peace of mind when they’re instructed to conduct a hair follicle test.

Over 10 years ago, Mike Macujo, founder and developer of the “Mike Macujo Method” launched a product allowing people to discover how to pass a hair follicle drug test, and it’s important to mention what  Mr. Macujo states: there are “a number of procedures involved to ensure that any toxins that would normally be present in the hair after drug use are removed, leaving your hair healthy. While other methods include bleaching, which is known to damage the hair and cause long-term breakages and shaving your hair, which really isn’t the ideal solution, the Macujo Method leaves your hair smooth and sleek, just like normal shampoo.”

The leading detox, Aloe Rid shampoo works with a simple application method, leaving the shampoo on your hair to set for a few minutes. Based on customer satisfaction, the formula has a 99.9% success rate in moderate drug users, even if they used it recently.

Mike boasts that the company “have created the ideal and most powerful solution for recent drug users to pass a hair follicle test without any stress. While other shampoos claim to be able to perform these feats, they just don’t quite fit the bill, as they are less successful, or could cause damage to the hair in the process.”

The company is also dedicated to serving its customers from day one. Mr. Macujo went on to say, “it’s not just about selling the shampoo; the Mike Macujo Method is about a process. We’re dedicated to providing advice and aftercare for any customers interested in purchasing this method to pass their hair follicle drug tests.”

The company offers out of hours consultation sessions and is dedicated to helping people get their lives back on track by taking that next step in their careers. They can be contacted via the website to book a consultation, or Mike is available to answer any questions on when you should use the shampoo and how often, based on your drug use levels and the type of drugs you were using.

If you need help passing an essential drug test to support your career development, you can find more information about the Mike Macujo Method on the website: https://www.macujo.com/

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