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Leading MRI Specialist Upgrades Hi-Tec MRI Scanner?


An upright MRI scanner allows for physicians to diagnose medical problems with the muscles and bones around the head and neck of a patient. It scans the patient’s natural tensions by sitting them upright in a scanning booth. The machine then takes internal scanned images to identify any anomalies and flags any issues.

Why is the Deerfield so Special?


Upright MRI scanners were first developed in 1996. However, the technology has really come on since then, making the scanners faster, more streamlined, and easier to use. It is perfect for all patients and provides a comfortable scan without the anxiety that can be associated with conventional scanners. This scanner also provides a stress free MRI for kids. Kids can be frightened by conventional scanners, but the upright MRI from Deerfield does away with the associated stress and anxiety.

The Deerfield incorporates the most up to date technology to scan your patient, moving around a chair within the booth to capture all angles. It then provides accurate scanned images for a faster diagnosis and keeps your patient at ease throughout the whole process.

The scanner allows for the muscle tensions and bone placement to remain natural, meaning the diagnosis should be more prevalent and precise.

Your patient will also feel less claustrophobic than a traditional MRI scanner, leading to less anxiety when it comes to appointments and making the treatment overall a more pleasant experience.

To find out more about the Deerfield scanner and take a look at the recommendations for your surgery from CEO Dr. Fox, visit the Deerfield website at www.uprightmrideerfield.com. You could also give Deerfield a call on 847-291-9321 or write to:

Upright MRI of Deerfield

457 Lake Cook Road (Deerfield Park Plaza)


Illinois 60015

What Can Deerfields Diagnose?


The Deerfield upright MRI scanner is equipped to target problems with neck ligaments or spinal cord malformations. It flags up issues that put excessive pressure on certain parts of the patient’s neck or spine which cause discomfort, pain, or even permanent posture damage.

Its specialist areas are:

CCJ (Cranio-Cervical Joint)


Cranio-Cervical Joint Instability is when the ligaments in the neck become unstable and stretchy. This can happen when the ligaments are damaged due to injury or can be the result of congenital problems like Ehler-Danlos Syndrome. This causes the head to become unstable on the neck and means that the patient may feel pain, discomfort, dizziness and may even struggle to move around normally.

CM (Chiari Malformation)


Chiari Malformation happens when the cerebellum (at the back of your brain) becomes enlarged and bulges through a gap in the skull where it joins the spinal canal. This puts pressure on the spinal cord and can cause problems with moving the head, nausea, dizziness, and even long-term severe damage to mobility.

Dr. Fox, CEO and advocate of the upright MRI scanning technology states:

“These two conditions, which affect the upper neck, are only able to be seen using our upright weight bearing positional MRI. Until now, these conditions were not able to be seen on recumbent or lay down MRIs.”

Upright Vs. Lay Down MRI Scanners


Replacing your traditional lay-down MRI scanner with a Deerfield upright scanner is the right choice for your patients to make them feel at ease. It provides a relaxed environment where they don’t feel overly vulnerable, making the diagnosis process much easier.

The upright design also allows you to accurately diagnose problems that can’t be found by traditional style scanners using a compact and efficient MRI system.

Take a step into the future using an upright MRI scanner from Deerfield.

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