Is Russia considering to Return Snowden to U.S?

The latest news per an American Intelligence Official is that the famous Edward Snowden would be returned to America as a gift to Donald Trump. Snowden was a contractor in NSA in Hawaii. This was the time when he stole thousands of US top-secret documents, which he gave to the journalists. This then affected the whole economy from stocks through option robot trading to commodities. Most of these documents that he leaked was about the US surveillance programs. These top-secret files had the communication records of millions of U.S. people and these data were collected irrespective of their connection with anti-social elements / terror suspects.

Is the News True?

Snowden’s Lawyer, Ben Wizner, says that he is not unaware of the Russian government’s plans of sending him to US. Snowden himself, have cleared the air on Twitter by saying that he did not work for the Russian Government. Having said that, we all know that Snowden ended up in Russia after exposing the details of the U.S. government’s top secret. Russia has given him refuge and has permitted him to stay there until 2020.

Hero or Villain?

While some people including the U.S. President, Mr. Donald Trump considers executing Edward Snowden for being a spy, some people consider him as a hero. The former Texas Congressman, Ron Paul, has in fact praised Edward Snowden for his courageous act of exposing the injustice caused by the U.S. government inspite of the risk involved.

The Different Angles

Edward Snowden was looked upon as a hero because he exposed the U.S. government surveillance program that collected all the information of the U.S. citizens and had intruded the privacy of individuals by collecting their data. He had contacted Laura Poitras, a filmmaker who has made documentaries on the American Occupation in Iraq that has made her famous. He also contacted Glenn Greenwald, a Guardian reporter. Both soon realized that what Snowden has revealed to them was something totally different in the American Politics. Though, it was risky, they thought that the controversy had to be reported.

While the above story holds true, there are also other angles of looking at it. Many argue that most of the information that Snowden stole and exposed through his journalist friends had nothing to do with the surveillance program of the U.S. government but contained lots of information about the methods of espionage operations. According to senior officials, the documents that were leaked also contained information about the intelligence gaps in NSA surveillance operations against other countries.

There is also one more theory stating Snowden as just a disgruntled man who fell into Russia’s arms without knowing what he is doing and its impact. Snowden might not have intentionally disclosed the U.S. secrets but his disclosures have greatly contributed to the people’s distrust of the U.S. government.

Whatever the current situation may be, the White House has nothing to comment on the current situation. But the Justice Department welcomes Snowden’s return (if it is true) as he faces federal charges and could get a minimum of 30 years of imprisonment. With the current government strongly condemning him, we have to wait and watch the situation.