Ron’s Gold Update: Foreign Nations Run from the Dollar

All the citizens of this global village called earth have turned into a suspicious lot since June 2013 with Edward Snowden’s leaks. There is an air of uncertainty because nobody knows who is been scrutinized and which part of their lives is accessible to some agency in the USA. In the name of fight against terrorism, the NSA has crossed all lines of privacy and has intruded everywhere. If it wasn’t for Snowden, nobody would have been the wiser. The US dollar had to cope with some serious hits, luckily enough it was when the Millionaire Blueprint came to the rescue.

What led to the famous Snowden Leaks?

Snowden though not a graduate had exceptional IT skills. In 2003 US invaded Iraq and this prompted him to choose a career in the military because he thought he had an opportunity to save the oppressed. But he was an unfit for army and hence was disbanded soon after. His military stint though along with his nerdy IT skills landed him a job in CIA.

His disillusionment with the system began with his stint in Geneva where he saw how the surveillance was conducted. Later when he shifted to NSA, he was further disappointed with the way the NSA functioned and pried into everybody’s lives.

Ron Paul and Snowden

The government was furious that the nation’s security was at stake and Snowden should have known better than to spill the beans; they wanted Snowden before he spilled out any more secrets.

But not everyone in the US was unhappy with Snowden’s revelations. There were those like Ron Paul, a lion of the libertarian movement who called Snowden a hero. He stated that it was really courageous of Snowden to have spoken against the government having laid bare the injustice meted out by the government.

Ron Paul was very vocal on his support to Snowden. He believed that there is too much of secrecy about the government’s operations. He stated that it was time for people to know more about the government activities and not vice versa. He strongly condemned the government’s scrutiny of the private lives of its citizens.

Why is Snowden a hero?

It takes great courage to go against the system; Snowden showed it to the world when he revealed to the world what his top bosses wanted to be kept a secret.

Come to think of it, whatever Snowden said has not jeopardized the safety of US. Snowden believed it was unethical to pry into the lives of millions of unwary Americans; hence he felt that the agency was going against the constitutional rights of the American citizens.

Is Snowden right in leaking sensitive information to the world?

Probably Snowden was right in letting the world know of how powerful and mighty the US intelligence agencies are – they have access to any computer in any corner of the world. It is unethical and unconstitutional for any country to eavesdrop on any other country and its politics. The world needed to know to what extent the US could go to meet its own agenda.

Where is Snowden now?

Snowden has been living in Russia since 2013 away from the shores of America. It is believed that his Russian residency permit has been extended till 2020 and after that he may seek citizenship.

Hero or not Snowden’s revelations shook the entire world and the use of encryption and privacy apps and programs have seen a rise. People are questioning their governments and have become more cautious with their online behavior.

In this heightened era of government tax and spend – where printing more money is the Fed’s only solution – even our allies are sprinting from the dollar. Nations like Russia and Japan could be turning to the gold standard, and the U.S. is none too pleased.