American Foreign Policy in Iraq is ‘Ridiculous’

Edward Snowden infamously famous for the leaks to the press about the US surveillance policies has left the world aghast with his revelations. He is nothing less than a cult figure today with lapel pins, T shirts, statues and even prayer candles sold with his name inscribed on them, which probably sounds ridiculous to many, but many also think it’s impossible to make big profits online with Orion Code while hundreds of thousands confirm it’s completely achievable. It is no surprise that he has over 2 million followers on twitter.

What made Snowden so popular?

Snowden was responsible for the biggest intelligence leak in the political history of America. While the Government and the agencies scrambled to get their hands on Snowden, Ron Paul the Libertarian praised Snowden’s move as very courageous.

Almost akin to the twelve commandments, Snowden’s revelations can be classified into 10 headings.

Snowden revelations

Access to phone records

Almost every American telephone company was providing phone records of their customers to the NSA. This caused uproar world over and the then President Barack Obama was forced to reform the program.


Another revelation that shook the internet giants like Facebook, Google and others was the PRISM – an NSA surveillance program wherein they had access to all the data. This led to the companies fighting for more transparency in laws governing compliance.

NSA cracks encryption

There is nothing private anymore; the NSA has developed techniques to crack the encryption that protects all the data on the internet. In the name of Cyber security, Snowden claimed that the NSA was circumventing the encryptions and making the internet a really unsafe place to be in.

Hacking is rampant in NSA

The NSA didn’t stop at overcoming encryption but also indulged in hacking. With a team of elite hackers the organization is supposed to have hacked into computers all over the world. This team of elite hackers was called the “Tailored Access Operations.” Snowden Ripped apart the shroud of secrecy the agency was working under.

NSA installs malware

The agency intercepted messages using a strategy called “method Interdiction” and installed malware and sent to the customers.

Eavesdropping on world leaders

Another reason for outrage world over was because Snowden claimed that even German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone calls were tapped along with several top government officials in US.

Google and Yahoo centers’ data monitored

Who can forget the famous PowerPoint presentation which revealed that the internet giants Yahoo and Google’s data centers were infiltrated? NSA was supposedly monitoring all their data behind their back. Yahoo immediately set to encrypting all its data.

Text messages too were intercepted

NSA didn’t stop with the internet, it went a step further and collected text messages on daily basis from all over the world.

Industrial Espionage

On German TV Snowden stated that the agency could go to any extent to gain information that was believed to be beneficial for the nation; he said that it need not be related to national security.

You are safe nowhere

The NSA has a division called ANT which has the capacity to access computers that are not online. The technology is so powerful that it can change any data on any computer anywhere in the world.

After Edward Snowden’s revelation it came to light that there is enough evidence to show the presence of NSA in Iraq and Guantanamo. In the name of war on terrorism, the privacy of the American citizen was compromised.

Ron Paul discusses news about Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants made up of Al Qaeda overrunning Mosul, Iraq. He says the system is falling apart there, and that there is nothing positive to show for since we went into Iraq in 2003.