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Economic policies around the world are undergoing a change and it’s not just about the Millionaire Blueprint. A feeling of ultra nationalism is sweeping the world and protectionist tendencies are on the rise. From the crisis in Greece to Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump in the US, the world is increasingly seeing a subtle but sure shift towards nationalist feelings impacting immigration, but more importantly trade.

Restrictive trade practices which were frowned upon not too far back are slowly getting accepted. Companies and businesses are showing a reluctant tendency to accept the same. But is this trend, which was not seen much after the Second World War, the way forward? Ron Paul differs.

Who is Ron Paul?

Ron Paul is a prominent voice in the US political-economic circles who is known for his views on low taxes, free markets and constitutional government. He is a former member of the House of Representatives and has been a presidential candidate thrice. Ron has always spoken out for prosperity, liberty and peace. He advocates a drastic reduction in the size of the federal government accompanied by a return to basic constitutional principles.

‘Protectionists’ vs. Ron Paul

Monopolies and Restrictive trade practices are a big hindrance to the free market economy. There was a time when the developing and third world countries were not part of the WTO and had narrow and un-coordinated trade policies which were tailor made to protect their own markets and jobs. The developed world was looking for markets to off load their finished products. The cost of finished product increased beyond profitable levels and the availability of cheaper workforce pushed manufacturing to the developing world.

The champions of free market economy were suddenly not so sure and electorates reposed their faith in right wing politicians who advocated protectionist trade policies. Ron Paul is not amongst them.

Ron Paul’s Outlook

Ron has always advocated return to sound monetary policies. He has always opposed anything that goes against the basic grain of freedom of citizens, be it economic, political or social. He has always voted against any move to raise taxes, unbalanced budget, raising congressional pay, regulating the Internet and government-paid junket. He was also against the Iraq war, against the Patriot Act and the proposal to increase the power of the executive branch.

The Way Forward

Ron in his New Year message to the incoming Donald Trump administration had outlined his four key proposals as the way forward. He continued with his known position of closing down the US Federal Reserve after an audit. He also champions a cut in both taxes and spending including on health and military spending. Getting the US troops deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq finds a place in his list. His commitment to free market policies makes him advocate the scrapping of Obamacare and have a true free-market healthcare system.

A true patriot and believer of the American Culture, Ron Paul at the age of 81 still stands firm for free equal and just policies.

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