Make Your Magazine More Interesting And Grow Your Business

Today no country is free of political drama. Though there are political parties with majority and a good presence etc, the fight for the posts always continues. People have started showing more importance in this line and want up to date information about what happens with their government and political leaders.

Keep Your Magazine Interesting

Though people read their books on Kindle and check the news online, on their smart phone, a magazine will never lose its appeal, just like manufacturing will never be replaced by online business, even though there is HB Swiss and similar software solutions. When it is a political magazine, the sales are definitely going to be increasing, provided the content is kept interesting.

Here are a few tips to keep your magazine interesting

  • Focus on stories that are related to the current trends. Though many stories from the past could be more interesting, ensure what you publish will be well received. The crowd must be able to relate to the article published.
  • Come up with interesting illustrations. Caricature, memes, small jokes and quotes can make an article much more interesting than printing it in black and white, with some random image from the internet as the main page image.
  • When printing success stories, be it about the political career of Ron Paul or the success climb of Edward Snowden, cover more aspects than just their lives, and career. Include anecdotes, funny stories, images, etc, to make people take notice of the article instantly.
  • Politics need not focus only on America or Iraq. There is more happening in this world and ensure others are given importance too
  • Use vibrant color tones to distinguish between items in the magazine. When a person catches the bright color, they will be tempted to turn the pages and read the article. This will slowly increase the number of people who read the magazine.
  • Target the right audience. If it is a business magazine, focus on not just the directors but the employees as well. Publish articles that will cater to both segments.
  • Apart from serious tone articles, publish a couple of light hearted articles as well. No one wants to read a serious magazine for long. If it is packed with just information, people will go through it only on need basis. However, if there are other articles as well, people may actually sit down to read it.
  • Ensure the design; theme and focus of the magazine are in sync. No one is going to buy a magazine that has a quote from a businessman, on its cover but talks about general lifestyle on the inside. Always maintain the theme.
  • Come up with an online version too. Today everyone wants things at their finger tips and not many have the patience to flip through pages. In order to cater to that segment of the market, an online publication of the same magazine can draw more customers.

Investing in a magazine business is not exactly a lucrative venture, given the increased use of online news channel and dwindling subscriptions. However, if invested right and teamed with the right talents, one can carve out a large market share for themselves.