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Schoolio Addresses Mental Health Benefits Associated with Homeschooling

Toronto, Ontario May 17, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – May is mental health month, and students and parents across Ontario are struggling with virtual learning and continued lockdowns. Schoolio, a Canadian education startup, addresses the importance of both parent and student mental health struggles through a holistic approach to education. 

Mental health is of utmost importance to the developmental growth of a child. Unfortunately, students often associate stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns with a traditional schooling system. Parents across the province are reporting increased mental health issues in themselves and their children, associated with virtual learning. Studies show that students in school settings experience stress and distress 21% more than homeschooling students.

Mental health benefits of homeschooling include a better teacher-student ratio, inclusivity for special needs students, and positive social and emotional learning. The primary factors causing stress and mental health issues in students who are a part of institutionalized learning include bullying, negative social interactions, coursework that is inappropriately leveled and irrelevant to students, and a cookie-cutter approach to instruction. Homeschooling addresses these concerns by providing a less stressful learning environment and eliminating many of the negatives of traditional schoolings, such as pressure to conform, grade-based goals, and bullying.  

Homeschooling offers schedule flexibility that focuses on individualized learning styles, allows children to learn and grow at their own pace, and enables more time for physical activities such as field trips, time outdoors, hands-on exploration, and socializing of which are proven to be better for mental health. “Homeschooling as a concept is not new,” says Sathish Bala, Founder of Schoolio. “We’ve been talking about home-learning to parents who have been doing this for a long time, and those who are attempting it for the first time this year or are currently enrolled in virtual learning. We’ve been listening to their concerns and want to address their struggles,” he adds. 

Schoolio’s programs take the academic planning pressure off parents’ shoulders and give them the freedom to focus on the holistic education of their child in the ways they, as parents, know best. “We know homeschooling reduces mental health issues for children, but it can add stress to parents when it comes to planning what, when, and how to teach their children. That’s where Schoolio can help.” 

About Schoolio: 
Schoolio is a Canadian education startup that provides parents with a range of customizable in-home learning solutions. With an aim to empower parents to be teachers for their students, Schoolio has created easy-to-follow curriculum modules for Kindergarten through Grade 8. Engaging millions of students with the best academic foundation materials, Schoolio sparks love for education and empowers kids to be fully prepared for their future. 


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