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Recruitment Industry Trends for 2021

Recruitment Industry Trends for 2021


Sunnyvale, California May 17, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The Year 2020 was unprecedented for people around the globe and filled with uncertainty. And the recruiting industry was not untouched by the gruesome impact of the covid pandemic. Such unforeseen circumstances make it difficult for the businesses to go out and conduct in-person interviews. To tackle COVID challenges and counter its adverse effect on hiring activities, companies have come up with digital solutions to maintain the recruitment process amid uncertainty. The businesses have fast-forwarded hiring digitalization and bring recruitment automation to their talent acquisition department. Having video screening software for your HR team is no more luxury but a necessity of 2021 if you want to continue hiring and compete with your business rivals in the market.

Over the years, the increasing trend of online interviewing software has transformed the hiring activities on digital platforms and make it convenient for recruiters to connect with worldwide talent sitting at home. Video interview platforms have become new normal for recruitment industries in 2021 to maintain hiring flow and keep the businesses afloat working remotely. The top hiring managers in the market believe that the year 2021 will be defined by the domination of virtual interviewing software in the recruitment market and its overwhelming impact on interviewing trends.

How is interviewing trend shifting in the year 2021?

To neutralize challenges that emerge from the covid breakout, job interviewing has gone through a reshuffle in these two years to ensure the growth of the business despite complete lockdown. In this release, we will discuss some key transformation in the recruitment industry in 2021:

Recruitment automation

In an HR survey, it is observed that 56 percent of companies are using video screening software to screening candidates automatically and shortlist deserving talent for higher stages of the interview. Automated features of a video screening software reduce interview rounds and per hire cost of the businesses, which are the reasons behind the sudden spike in video interviewing.

Asynchronous interviewing

Days are gone when recruiters were bound to waste valuable time screening one-by-one candidates through telephonic interviews to shortlist right-fit candidates. Now, you don’t have to be present in real-time in the interview process as video recruiting software allows you to record interview questions once for all and let the candidates record responses from anywhere and whenever they want. This makes hiring flexible, automated, and easy.

The rise of freelance and gig employment

If you have noticed, everything around you is evolving fast, and so is the recruitment industry. What yesterday was in trend has become entirely outdated today. The rise of freelancing and gig employees is inevitable in the current business setup when covid breakout has forced businesses to go remotely and cut their operational costs to be competent in the market. Considering the situation, the rise of freelance and gig workers would be the most obvious employment trend of 2021. Freedom to work remotely, flexible working hours, and the opportunity to explore multiple sectors are simultaneously expected to be the industry’s new job search and recruitment trend. And the covid impact is likely to give a strong push to this trend globally. To ensure smooth execution of such shift in job search trends, recruiting agencies must need a competent hiring platform to help them find efficient talent who have the ability to tackle the new challenges of the businesses. And a tech-savvy video interviewing software like Jobma fit accurately for this task.

The rise in data-driven hiring

Now, when it has become clear that the recruitment process is going to be automated sooner or later, data-driven recruitment would dominate the interviewing method instead of gut-based hiring. The recruiters would commonly depend on data and analytics to gauge candidates’ abilities, analyze applications, and review them. A pre-recorded video interview helps the recruiter record interviews and compare a candidate from the rest. This enables employers to make better hiring decisions.

A Trend of Focusing on Mental wellness

A mental wellness program would be part of employer management policy in the 2021 recruitment trend, keeping in mind the widespread mental suffering due to the COVID crisis. The people have been facing some unusual circumstances such as isolation, lockdown, and livelihood crisis. A routine mental wellness session would help maintain a healthy mental state and quality outcomes when working in isolation. A growing trend in the recruiting industry and the job search market is to seek mental health benefits. The employees are attracted to the businesses that are providing tools and resources to support their mental health.

These are some key recruiting trends of the year 2021 responsible for transforming the hiring process at a new level. If you also want to upgrade your talent acquisition team with tech-savvy and latest recruiting software to compete with your professional opponents, Jobma is one of the best video interview software for you. You can also request a free demo to know more about the pricing and features of Jobma.

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