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Cutting-Edge SEO Strategist Chris Cantell, Launches New Stealth SEO Solutions in Exeter

Cutting-Edge SEO Strategist Chris Cantell

Stealth SEO Solutions has been in ranking websites on Google since 2010. They specialize in bespoke solutions and web design to help businesses achieve the most out of their marketing strategies by utilizing their web content to boost them up the search rankings.

The company, based in Exeter’s busy city centre has worked to help smaller businesses within the surrounding area and other nearby towns such as Torquay, Devon, and Plymouth. Director of Stealth SEO Solutions, Chris Cantell said, “it was always my ambition to become a global entity and offer my services worldwide. Based on what I do, this seemed like the obvious way to take my business. However, it’s also important to me to help out the businesses in the local area where I live and allow them to thrive to develop my local community.”

The business branched out a couple of years ago and now has a global presence, creating valuable content for businesses across the UK, United States, Canada, and Australia, but Chris feels it’s now time to focus on his local community and give something back where he can.

Chris Cantell, has built up an impressive reputation with his proven results and advanced knowledge around SEO development. He began studying the field all the way back in 2008 and soon after, began offering out his services. By 2013, he had already created a successful business developing cutting-edge strategies and building web content to fit the bill and help out businesses in need.

Chris noted that “a well thought out SEO strategy can really make a business. It allows start-ups to maximize their profits by reducing the amount they need to spend on marketing and develops trust in the brand from their consumers.”

As an added extra, Chris went on to develop an SEO training course in 2014 named SEO Breakthrough. It was created to help people understand the advanced strategies and algorithms associated with search engines and give people the edge when they’re trying to optimize their website.

Unlike other SEO companies, Stealth SEO Solutions stands out from the crowd as they’re proud to offer only in-house solutions. While other SEO agencies tend to outsource their work to freelancers to keep the costs down, Stealth SEO Solutions works with people within the immediate area who are experts in the field. That way, all clients can guarantee quality work and excellent results. They’re also easily contactable, meaning that any questions or queries are easily resolved without jargon or long wait times.

Alongside the main SEO strand of the business which aims to optimize current websites and push them up the Google rankings, the agency also provides a web development service that creates professional websites with SEO in mind. This allows the company to take all of your requirements and structure them to really maximize your SEO potential, rather than having to work around an already fully constructed website.

Mr. Cantell went on to say that “the majority of websites focus wholly on the design and how they look, then try to optimize it later when they realize that it’s nowhere near page one on Google. This often leads to the content suffering to try and maximize the return. Thinking about your SEO initially during the build will really benefit any company later on and could save you some money too.”

You can test your rating yourself using the Google Pages Speed Insights Tool (simply type this into Google). Most websites will struggle to even score 50 out of 100 initially. However, Stealth SEO Solutions has proven to create web designs which score in the 90s.

The Stealth SEO Solutions agency in Exeter holds the knowledge, skills, and experience to become the ‘go-to’ place in the UK for amazing SEO centred website designs and development and can really help to make any business more successful without breaking the bank.

If you’re interested in obtained SEO services, then Stealth SEO Solutions is the place to visit.

For information contact: https://stealthseosolutions.com/

Stealth SEO Solutions

The Mount, 72 Paris Street, Exeter, EX1 2JY

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