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Artificial Intelligence Boom Is On the Horizon

As companies invest more in IT the demand for Artificial Intelligent computer software developers is growing. The reasons are complex and intertwined. Corporate America has been trying to find ways to cut costs for years, especially as the number of employees continues to grow. The result has been a focus on reducing costs in every area of the business, including labor.

Eliminating waste is important for companies looking to reduce operating budgets. In addition to eliminating jobs that produce waste such as paper and cardboard boxes, companies must also eliminate jobs that do not produce any value whatsoever. Often that means eliminating positions such as customer service reps who answer the phones or chat with customers for little purpose. Likewise, companies must do whatever they can to cut costs for labor so that the highest return on investment can be achieved. In this regard cutting labor costs results in lower profits for corporations.

One way for companies to make up for this loss in profit without reducing operating budgets is to invest heavily in IT. Companies such as Facebook and Google have made a lot of their billions through search engine optimization techniques. It’s a form of artificial intelligence since a trained computer system will index web pages and rank them based on relevance to advertisers. In effect it ranks pages based on keywords which are targeted by advertisers, hence the massive need for human labor to perform this laborious task.

In addition to search engine optimization, companies are now investing heavily in “ai bot” programs and computer software which perform a variety of repetitive tasks. Examples include filling out surveys and questionnaires, providing customer service, and writing SEO rich content for websites. The primary driver behind all of this spending is the need for artificial intelligence booms which will replace current labor needs. These artificially intelligent software programs and robots are being designed to perform these tasks in a far less costly fashion than what is currently accomplished by human labor. Consequently, this represents a demand for more intelligent software engineers.

In addition to this demand for intelligent software engineers there is also a need for skilled programmers as well. These programmers are needed to create applications which can make the information technology industry a lot more efficient. Additionally we are now seeing demand for more data entry specialists as well as software developers. Both of these positions are relatively easy to obtain and anyone with programming skills can easily obtain employment in this field. However the biggest upcoming demand for artificial intelligence booms is likely to be in the fields of Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence because these require the most amount of research and development.

As we continue to progress into the future technology areas of artificial intelligence, we will see many new technologies emerge. This will require researchers to study all of the emerging science fiction topics. For instance, if one scientist comes up with an idea that could be applicable to creating a new technology one or more scientists will be required to investigate the idea further. Ultimately, the only way to keep up with all of the new emerging technology is to have plenty of people working on the various technologies. This will only increase the demand for computer professionals in the future.

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