What is Bounty Programs (ICO)?

What is Bounty Programs (ICO)?

Bounties in the advanced word take their starting point from web-based gaming stages that offered rewards for taking an interest in their game improvement. This means an organization presenting a product or an administration offers a few prizes to individuals in return for playing out specific errands. It is a veritable method for promoting some organizations.

Bounty programs are motivators such as Bitcoin Trader offered to a variety of members for different exercises related to an initial coin offering (ICO). The members are spread crosswise over different phases of an ICO and range from financial specialists to ICO developers and promoters. The motivating forces can appear as money rewards (typically uncommon) and free (or reduced) tokens which can be traded out later when the tokens are recorded on a trade.

The ICO Bounty Framework

Comprehensively, there are two phases for the initial coin offering (ICO).


In the initial phase, which is otherwise called pre-ICO, the offering is showcased to planned financial specialists. These incorporate web-based life influencers, Bitcointalk Signature Bounty advertisers, and blog writers.

Web-based life influencers and blog scholars influence recordings, to compose articles or spread the word about the ICO on well-known stages. They get paid in view of their substance’s commitment to the crowd. Bitcointalk Signature Bounty advertisers are individuals from Bitcointalk, a mainstream dialog gathering for crypto aficionados. They are required to provide a mark with the ICO’s points of interest in it and are remunerated with tokens from the deal in light of their position in the forum. From lay to institutional, the channels shape an effort to various sorts of financial specialists.  At this point, the substance, for the most part, bargains an investigation of the blockchain and its benefits and faults.

Designers additionally get a sizeable piece of tokens as the installment for their investment in coding the venture. These tokens can be recovered for fiat cash when the tokens are recorded on an exchange. For instance, Zcash and ethereum both had generous abundance campaigns set up for designers who assisted in setting up the blockchain.


Amid the second stage, otherwise called post-ICO, the concentration movements are fine-tuned to the discharged blockchain. Abundance rewards are offered to interpreters, who help guarantee a worldwide reach for the blockchain by deciphering reports related to advancement and promoting. Prizes are likewise offered to coders who test and recognize blemishes in the blockchain. The last kind of reward is known as a bug abundance. Practically speaking, it is like prizes offered to programmers by any semblance of Facebook and Google.