Building A Strategy On Your Own

Building A Strategy On Your Own Behind every investment manager who has been successful, there is always a measurable, repeatable and well-written investment strategy and this is no secret. However, there are many investors who keep moving from trade to trade and put little effort to design and measure the overall strategies. You don’t need […]

Are you cut out to be a trader?

Are you cut out to be a trader? The world of trading is fascinating and the money that follows is exhilarating but ask any trader and he (because the majority are ‘He’) will tell you that it is not the money but the sheer excitement of going for the kill, the adrenaline pumping through the […]

Blooming Currency: EOS

Blooming Currency: EOS  We can still remain optimistic about EOS in 2018 when other Cryptocurrencies are facing the heat of downturn. EOS is slowly becoming the answer to the scalability problem of Ethereum by launching EOS main net within a few weeks from now. Scalability is an issue that the investors are facing with Ethereum […]

Video Making- The Next Big Online Biz

Video Making- The Next Big Online Biz Is there anybody who haven’t seen any videos on YouTube? You got to be kidding us!! We are pretty damn sure that approximately 96-98% of the population across the globe watch videos on YouTube. The commercial ones like customized videos of crafts and arts, cookery, baking and ice […]

How Immune System Works In Our Body

How Immune System Works In Our Body What is immunity?                                                               Immunity means protecting our body from infectious diseases or from infectious organisms such as bacteria, viruses. Newborn babies get the immunity from the mother by birth itself. Immunisation–is it a safe? Immunisation protects our body from the infectious organisms and prevents diseases. Body’s defense […]

Trading The New Millennium Way

Stock market including trading is a very interesting concept. Historically people used trading to exchange goods and services. Slowly they started exchanging paper money and metal and other commodities. The market progressed to the stock market, which could be equated to a kind of betting and slowly developed into the course that we know of […]

Trade independently with QProfit System

                                             The use of automated software to make it an error-free endeavor and make the users experience the benefit is how the software platforms are designed today. Forex trading markets being a highly fluid […]