Importance of doing business

Importance of doing business Doing a business on our own is an excellent way to get rid of the routine shift work. But business is an easy thing as we think. It needs a lot of sacrifices and manual efforts, but the advantage is we cannot bend our knees before anyone as we are the […]

Top 3 Reasons To Invest In The Bitcoins In 2018

Top 3 Reasons To Invest In The Bitcoins In 2018 The Bitcoins’ market price value has declined since December 2017 so, is it anymore wise to invest in them in this 2018? Do the drastic fluctuation in the Bitcoin prices in 2018 hint the end of the Bitcoins and perhaps, the cryptocurrencies? If you are […]

Reasons Why Women Should Start Investing

The proportion of female investors in the market is still lower than that of the male investors. The number has grown in the recent years with the growing awareness about the need for investing. The presence of online investment tools, trading bots like Crypto Code has all resulted in encouraging more women to start investing […]

What Exactly the Bitcoin Blockchain Records?

What Exactly the Bitcoin Blockchain Records? The bitcoin blockchain is basically a shared, huge, encrypted address list which tends to hold bitcoin balances. Each new block speaks to the most recent refresh to account balances and adjustments after some mining happens or an exchange happens where bitcoin is traded. At the point when an exchange […]

What is Bounty Programs (ICO)?

What is Bounty Programs (ICO)? Bounties in the advanced word take their starting point from web-based gaming stages that offered rewards for taking an interest in their game improvement. This means an organization presenting a product or an administration offers a few prizes to individuals in return for playing out specific errands. It is a […]

Building A Strategy On Your Own

Building A Strategy On Your Own Behind every investment manager who has been successful, there is always a measurable, repeatable and well-written investment strategy and this is no secret. However, there are many investors who keep moving from trade to trade and put little effort to design and measure the overall strategies. You don’t need […]

Are you cut out to be a trader?

Are you cut out to be a trader? The world of trading is fascinating and the money that follows is exhilarating but ask any trader and he (because the majority are ‘He’) will tell you that it is not the money but the sheer excitement of going for the kill, the adrenaline pumping through the […]