Basics Of Trading In the Stock Market

The stock market is one of the biggest avenues for investing money. People believe that trading in stocks is like gambling. But it is not a gamble if one understands the share market basics.  The stock exchange is a trading platform wherein the financial instruments like derivatives and stocks are traded. The participants who wish […]

An Introduction to Depreciation

An Introduction to Depreciation   In bookkeeping terminology, it is characterized as the decrease of the recorded expense of a fixed resource in a deliberate way till the estimation of the resource ends up as nil or insignificant. A real estate is a special case where it can’t be devalued as the estimation of land […]

Principles of management

Principles of management Check whether you follow the below important management principles for running your business profitably: Division of work: It is always prudent to split a major work into parts and allocate each part to different workers.  By doing this, complications are reduced.  Also, the division of work helps in specializing in particular tasks. […]

Ethereum in business

Ethereum in business The regular crypto news reader is well acquainted with the term Bitcoin due to its tremendous popularity in the crypto world. Another crypto coin is gaining popularity and can be a serious contender for Bitcoin. Ethereum soared to its highest value this June which is estimated to be a tenth of Bitcoins […]